January 29, 2022 Greensorb

What are the qualities of Greensorb?

While there are a number of product attributes that make Greensorb a popular product with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, four major qualities include the following:

  1. Safer Handling: As it is an encapsulating absorbent that does not leech after use, it is much safer to handle during the cleanup and disposal processes when dealing with hazardous spills.
  2. Non Flammable: Unlike most other absorbents, Greensorb is non‐flammable and safely neutralizes flammable substances once absorbed, also making the waste generated safer to store and dispose.
  3. Safer Floors: Greensorb is a gritty ceramic particulate. So, while it dries the spill it makes the surface less slippery with the gritty traction of the particles. When used properly, Greensorb leaves no floor residue after cleanup, reducing slip and fall incidents caused by the slippery residues often left by competing products after cleanup.
  4. Safer to Breathe: Most competing absorbents create clouds of crystalline silica during use, a dust very hazardous to the human respiratory system. OSHA has determined that Greensorb is at least 100 times safer to breathe than most competing absorbents, specifically cat litter‐type products.