Safegrade Casestudy: Bio-based vs. Conventional

Safegrade Field Report - Railroad: Bio-based vs. Conventional


A distributor of Sorbent Green introduced Sorbent Green’s products to their client.

The following is a demonstration of Safegrade 320 and Greensorb, cleaning an oil stain on concrete surface outside the main facility building at one location. 

There was no excess use of water and/or pressure washing involved.

Greensorb™ material was developed to solve a need for individuals, companies, as well as Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) teams to safely and responsibly mitigate a variety of liquids spilled in commercial or industrial facilities.  The product is being used in a variety of applications and is in widespread distribution.

Safegrade™ is a line of powerful industrial cleaners and solvents designed to care for and extend the life of equipment and tools.

Safegrade-320 Features:

  • Ideal for heavy-duty vehicle-equipment cleaning, and parts washing
  • Concentrated – dilute with water up to 50%
  • 85% biobased, sustainable ingredients
  • Readily biodegradable – biodegrades ≥ 60% within 28 days
  • Non-flammable
  • Neutral pH solvent, US EPA DFe Certified, and Zero VOCs


STEP 1: Safegrade 320 is applied to a 14-year-old diesel fuel & oily residue on concrete, where a tractor is generally parked at the Repair Center. The Safegrade 320 is spread evenly with a pump sprayer over the entire residue footprint.

STEP 2: Safegrade 320 is spread around the residue and agitated with a firm nylon brush. Once the entire residue has been worked, the Safegrade 320 is left to soak further into the concrete for three minutes. 

STEP 3: After the three minute soak time, Greensorb is applied to the entire residue area. 

STEP 4: Greensorb is spread evenly around the entire residue area with a standard medium cleaning broom and allowed a soak time of three minutes.

STEP 5: After the three minute soak time, the Greensorb is worked over the entire residue area with the reverse side of the firm brush for another three minutes.

STEP 6: The Greensorb is removed from the residue area with the medium cleaning broom revealing clean concrete.

STEP 7: The Greensorb absorbs and encapsulates contaminants causing the residue, and 100% of the used Greensorb is returned to the Greensorb Caddy for reuse. Please note that the Greensorb is still a light beige color, indicating substantial absorbent capacity is remaining. The process requires no water, and this diesel oily residue was removed in approximately 15 minutes.

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