Readily Biodegradable, Bio-based Oil and Lubricants

Envirologic® Bio-based Lubricants

There are many advantages to using biobased products, financially and to your reputation

Envirologic is a line of readily biodegradable, high performance lubricants formulated and proven to replace petroleum based hydraulic fluids and gear oils. Envirologic also provides enhanced wear protection and, ultimately, longer equipment life.

Operational Benefits

  • 11.2% Cost Savings
  • 14.3% Improved Productivity of Equipment
  • 15.4% Better Fuel Efficiency
  • Based on construction equipment
  • Potentially lower clean‐up costs

Source: Case Study

Be a Forward Thinking Company

  • Biobased is sustainable, non‐hazardous fluid
  • Biodegrades faster
  • Zero‐Volitile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Full range of ISO grades (15-100)
  • Environmentally Accepted Lubricant (EPA)
  • 50% or more useful life over conventional oils

Hazardous hydraulic oil spills can happen in the worst possible places.
If you can’t stop the spill at least remove the hazard by using Bio-Tech Oils.

Envirologic works great with Greensorb!

A perfect match for the environment

Unlike legacy crushed clay absorbents, Greensorb is effective on sustainable, bio-tech oils.

To purchase Envirologic

On-the-job Applications

  • Utility Trucks
  • Waste & Recycling Equipment
  • Ground Service Equipment (GSE)
  • at airports or MRO hangars
  • Construction Equipment on the job sites
  • Port Equipment
  • Marine Oil Drilling Rigs
  • Railroad Equipment & Bridge Facilities
  • Forestry, Logging and Tree Maintenance
  • Operational Equipment

Greensorb is a trademark of Sorbent Green LLC • EnviroLogic is a trademark of Terresolve Technologies Ltd.
Sorbent Green LLC is an Authorized Distributor