In the multi-billion dollar waste disposal & cleaning industry, Sorbent Green is developing, manufacturing & distributing biobased products that work exceedingly better for industrial-commercial applications, while imposing significant economic and environmental benefits. Our products are used in aerospace, chemical, commercial, healthcare, HVAC/R, environmental services, industrial, oil & gas and government market sectors.

New partnerships are under development to bring intriguing containment solutions for large commercial, chemical and industrial facilities. Additionally, we’ve developed partnerships to expand our biobased product line to include complimentary & best-of-breed products that deliver value to customers where we are building long-term relationships.

The Greensorb solution is more effective at absorbing liquid spills at a lower-cost-per-use while reducing downstream waste into landfills. The Safegrade biobased solvents are readily biodegradable with zero VOCs, which allow them to be useful to customers with facilities across the United States. Envirologic hydraulic fluids, lubricants and gear oils are vessel grade permit (VGP), environmentally accepted lubricant (EAL), zero VOC, readily biodegradable and high performance products.