Powerful, Bio-based Cleansers for Commercial & Industrial Facilities
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Safegrade™ Biobased Solvents

Readily Biodegradable Solvents

These readily biodegradable products reduce cleanup costs, increase worker safety and limit your exposure to regulatory fines. The Safegrade line of products were designed for industrial applications where performance and safety are of equal importance. They are safe to store and dispose of and depending on the soil and task, these hardworking, concentrated products can be used full strength or diluted. Unlike petroleum based alternatives, the Safegrade series won’t damage surfaces, people or the environment.


  • Concrete and floor cleaning
  • Parts washer fluids
  • Bilge and cargo holds
  • Painted hangar floors
  • Oil rig and deck wash
  • Truck and equipment wash
  • Tool and maintenance cleanup
  • Grounds care equipment


  • Multi-purpose, industrial strength solvent
  • Uses: heavy-duty vehicle & equipment cleaning, parts washing, and cleaning all types of floor surfaces
  • Remove oil stains from concrete together with Greensorb®
  • Concentrated – dilute with water up to 50% 85% bio-based, sustainable ingredients
  • Readily biodegradable – biodegrades ≥ 60% within 28 days
  • Neutral pH solvent, US EPA DFe Certified, and Zero VOCs

Oil stains are everywhere, but is pressure washing
the best way to remove them?

Negatives of pressure washing concrete:

  • High cost of pressure washing process
  • High cost of recapture and treatment of water
  • Excessive use of water
  • Degrades concrete

is the smarter, safer option

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Safegrade and Greensorb

The Perfect Combination for Industrial and Commercial Facilities

Dissolve, Absorb, Remove

Below is the recommended process for using Safegrade-320 with Greensorb to remove oil and/or fuel residues from hard surfaces like concrete, such as home heating oil stain

1. Pour or spray Safegrade-320, full strength, over the stain.

2. Spread the Safegrade-320 evenly over the stain with a hard-bristle brush or broom and scrub into the stain.

3. Let the cleaner penetrate for 3-4 minutes so it can lift the stain.

4. Pour a generous amount of the Greensorb reusable absorbent over the area.

5. Spread Greensorb evenly over the stain with your broom or brush and scrub into the stain. Let it sit for 2-5 minutes.

6. Sweep up the Greensorb and replace into receptacle for reuse.

Very often, stains have developed over a long period of time. For best results, more than one treatment may be required. The process of using Safegrade together with Greensorb to clean fuel or oil stains on concrete will significantly reduce the majority of stains, but it will not return the concrete to its original, pristine condition.

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