Environmental stewardship is a matter that encompasses
all of our companies activities

All Natural

Greensorb is comprised of organic material that is harvested and processed with the least amount of environmental impact and with no artificial materials. GreenSorb has tremendous surface area making it highly-absorbent, particularly efficient and is naturally attracted to chemical, hydrocarbon & biological spilled liquids. The resulting waste material is measurably safer for the environment, and a notably far less volume of downstream waste.


GreenSorb is sustainable and reusable for multiple spills. We use eco-responsible packaging in all product sizes offered for sale. We use post-consumer recycled content where possible, and all of our packaging is also made of materials which can be recycled to reduce environmental impact.

Lab Tests

Our product is tested by accredited, independent laboratories in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard test methodology. We’ve tested GreenSorb in order to convey accurate information about our products to customers. Please review the published reports. Lab Tests >

ISO 14000

We developed our plan based on our evaluation of the environmental aspects related to the activities in our business. As a result, we have taken numerous steps to reduce our environmental impact in our manufacturing as well as our administrative practices as an ongoing part of our company’s culture.


Accredited 3rd party “green” certification for industrial and commercial absorbents is still in development. We are recognized as follows and will continue to add certifications, awards & accolades as we receive them.