January 29, 2022 Greensorb

How do you use the Greensorb Caddy?

The Greensorb Caddy is our industrial cart and mobile “spill kit” for larger spills. It is made of high-quality, durable, heavy-duty plastic. It conveniently includes a commercial telescoping broom and a light-duty shovel. The top of the unit has a large lid that covers the opening. This lid opens upward and allows the user to fill the unit with fresh Greensorb material. In this top opening there is a removable plastic screen tray. Typically users remove/replace the screen when filling new material into the unit. On one side of the unit is a placeholder for the telescoping broom that comes with the unit. On the other side is a holder for the shovel that comes with the unit. In the front and lower on the unit, there is an access opening to scoop the Greensorb material out of the Caddy using the shovel.

Users scoop a generous amount of Greensorb material with the shovel from the bottom access area of the unit to apply to a spill. Follow the Guidelines for Use. Once the spill is dry, the users will sweep up the Greensorb material and return it to the Caddy through the top opening for reuse. This is done by sweeping the Greensorb material into the shovel and putting it into the top of the unit through the screen. The screen will capture any large objects or debris in the used Greensorb material and allow it to fall into the Caddy. The partially used material will mix inside the Caddy with the new material and cause the used material to dry further. Continued use of Greensorb will eventually cause the material to become a dark brown color. After multiple uses Greensorb will become & remain a dark brown color and is ready for disposal (see Guidelines for Use).

Do not use Greensorb with Hydrofluoric acid. It is also cautioned that when reusing Greensorb material to be careful not to mix used Greensorb material with potentially multiple reactive liquids. For example, it is advised to reuse Greensorb material with the same type of liquids such as all oils or fuels.

It is recommended to follow all Company Standard Operating Procedures for spill waste disposal. If there are no formal S.O.P.’s then dispose of Greensorb as normal waste in accordance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations.

The Greensorb Caddy can hold up to 120lbs of material, and customers often will fill the unit with our GS-40lb size bag. Caution should be used when rolling the Caddy if it is filled with a large amount of Greensorb material.