January 29, 2022 Greensorb

How do I know if my spills are hazardous waste?

Generally when the spill liquid or dry waste contains any of the following characteristics, it is considered hazardous:

  1. Ignitable: The waste has a flash point of less than 140°F or 60°C.
  2. Corrosive: The acidity of the waste has a pH Value of less than or equal to 2, or greater than or equal to 12.5, or corrodes steel at a rate greater than 6.35 mm per year at 55°C.
  3. Reactive: The waste is considered unstable if it reacts violently with water; or, is capable of producing toxic gas such as cyanide or sulfide bearing; or is potentially explosive or detonating in mixtures with water.
  4. Toxic: The waste material tests positive and above a certain concentration for 39 contaminants the EPA has listed in Federal regulations ( i.e. certain pesticides, benzene, heavy metals such as lead, mercury) and halogenated organic substances such as pentachlorophenol and trichloroethylene. Sorbent Green recommends all waste generators follow federal and local regulations for safe disposal of their waste.