January 29, 2022 Greensorb

How can I justify spending more for Greensorb than “cat litter” (crushed clay) to my boss?

Greensorb actually works out to be a lower-cost-per-use than many competing products.

Greensorb is more efficient and reusable in absorbing multiple spills, so you use less material over time… generating less disposal waste into landfills. The initial cost for Greensorb may be higher, but the improved product performance actually saves a business in the long run. Savings come in areas of reduced man hours cleaning up spills, less disposal volume/costs and improved workplace safety conditions for employers.

More importantly, Greensorb is much safer and easier to use in the workplace, eliminates slippery floor residues left by cat litter, is non‐flammable, non‐caustic, non‐hazardous to breathe, and is much better for the environment.