December 1, 2021 Greensorb

Testimonial – Aerospace Environmental Manager

Testimonials - Environmental Manager, Major Airline

Greensorb used at Major Airline

“Our company is one of the major U.S. air carriers and I am responsible at my station to oversee environmental management, including stormwater compliance.  Our station was introduced to Greensorb products as a resource for spill and stain remediation on pavements.  A super supportive representative from Sorbent Green came on site and performed several demonstrations for our maintenance folks, using the Greensorb absorbent and Safegrade solvents with FANTASTIC SUCCESS!  Since that time our station, as well as several other stations have purchased and continue to use the Greensorb products, including the Greensorb Caddy mobile spill carts.  Thanks to the Greensorb team – we are SOLD!”