November 9, 2021 Greensorb

Greensorb vs. Oil-Dri

How does Greensorb comparer to Oil-Dri

Greensorb Products

Safer for people and the environment, GreenSorb® is a clay based, highly efficient absorbent ideal for a variety of marine applications, from deck cleaning to handling spills in shipyards. GreenSorb works by encapsulating liquids, which may allow the absorbent to be reused. Ultimately, there’s less material to dispose of after cleanups, reducing the cost of disposal (particularly with hazardous materials), which makes GreenSorb more economical than other absorbent solutions. Not to mention, it works better. Crushed clay and alumina silicate both pose respiratory health risks to employees, sorbent pads are time-consuming and Diatomaceous Earth powder and alternatives made of plant byproducts are lightweight and overly dusty. In addition to being non-leaching and low dusting (GreenSorb improves workplace safety through 20 times dust reduction when compared to a typical crushed clay absorbent), this proven product consists of a gritty, non-slip material – resulting in safe cleaning of both indoor and outdoor spills. Plus, it can be used to absorb any industrial oils, solvents, hydraulic fluids or grease. And GreenSorb is perfect for use with SAFECARE® SuperSolv™ Safety Solvent or CSR-3000 Solvent Cleaner – powerful, water miscible cleaners that remove most organic and inorganic materials without damaging cleaning surfaces.


  • Cleans more with less and is reusable
  • Reduced handling and storage costs
  • Works fast – just pour and sweep


  • Low dusting (20x less than crushed clay)
  • Can convert hazmat liquids into dry, solid waste (dependent upon EPA TCLP compliant test and disposition)
  • Non-slip material reduces fall hazards


  • Meets OSHA limits of respirable crystalline silica (<.1%)
  • USDA BioPreferred® listed – can meet the EPA TCLP testing
  • 3rd party laboratory validation of claims


  • Absorbs industrial oils, solvents and fluids
  • Effective for jet fuel and Skydrol spills or leaks
  • Quickly absorbs most liquid spills – chemicals, paints, acids, fuels and oils

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